MySportTraining 6.2.0

Manage your training regime from your phone


  • Lots of analysis available
  • Good tables and graphs
  • Integrates with other Windows mobile apps


  • So many menus and options it can be confusing

If you're serious about traning yourself, MySportTraining can help analyze your training and keep a record of your past and goals.

MySportTraining allows you to record all types of training and physical activity, in its various menus, and can give you lots of stats and calculations about energy you're burning, follow your weight and set targets. You can even enter your mood at various times, so you can track that too!

While this is all interesting, it's also fairly complex just down to how much stuff there is. MySportTraining is not at all intuitive, and you have to be serious about your training regime to remember to fill in your data, and find out how you're doing. MySportTraining it full of tables, graphs and planners, but none of it is really easy to use. Once you've got the hang of it, it's fine.

MySportTraining will help serious sports record and keep track of their fitness, but it's not an easy application to use.



MySportTraining 6.2.0

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