MySportTraining 5.0.0

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    MySportTraining is the best strength training and aerobic Pocket PC application ever! The 40 predefined strength training exercises and the colored muscle chart make it easier than ever to find the right exercises for you:

    Use the muscle chart to learn about muscle groups and identify those to work on. No more guesswork! Tap on a muscle group and choose an exercise from the list that pops up for that very muscle group. Each predefined exercise is illustrated in color, so you can immediately see how to conduct each exercise. If you are into interval training, you will appreciate the 20 pre-defined intervals to track your efforts with great accuracy. If you want more exercises, use one or more of the add-on exercise series, which provide more than 200 illustrated exercises!

    A powerful and easy to use fitness program for your Pocket PC.

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    MySportTraining 5.0.0

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